Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Post.




1. A notebook page of sketches and random thoughts, done in my Psychology notebook on 11/5/09. I ingeniously titled this, "Notes for Chapter 10: Socioemotional Development in Middle and Late Childhood. 11/5/09".
2. My first attempt at the classic hand drawing. I'm satisfied with it but feel I ruined it by drawing in little cones as if the hand was taking a drawing test (going around cones like a driving test, but the hands drawing.. drawing test.. get it? Yea, lame... so please just ignore the stupid cones).
3. You'll see alot of abstract faces done in this manner. It's not a completely original idea of mine but I do many of them in practice. I really like abstract faces (particularly eyes) and sketches like this are heavily inspired by Alter-Eebo, Ben Brough, and Pablo Picasso. I titled this one "El Profesor" and is currently in the process of being put on canvas as a painting.
4. Random Sketch of man.
5. Another wacked out abstract face.
These sketches are also joined on this page by some random thoughts I thought while doodling during the psychology lecture. The first one I wrote while thinking about my girlfriend, Stacy:
"The ashtray is full; The wine bottle is empty. The clock hesitates to tick, mocking me, as if saying, "If I could, I'd go backwards!
Sometimes I seriously feel like I'm just sitting around smoking cigarettes [killing time] waiting for the next time I can be with you... Yesterday was one of them days.."
I also jotted down some thoughts while pondering existance. "What is existance"? and "Does anything really exist?" are common questions I roll over in my mind now-a-days. The writings here are complete bullshit and I do not hold these as fact or a legit theory, rather I thought these thoughts and held on to them merely to stimulate thought and reasoning, and to remedy boredom... Ponder for yourself:
"At any given point in time the human body is made up of at least 60% water; water evaporates; therefore, I believe it may be possible to evaporate at least 60% of ourselves out of existance. As for the other 40%, when I figure it out I'll let you know... Have a good day..."
"Are clouds just evaporated people who have achieved [the notion of] non-existance?"
Think about it: We don't exist; nothin existance (A theme bound to show up in later post). Oceans, lakes, ponds, puddles, cups of water... they all evaporate. We are more than half water. Can we indeed evaporate out of existance given the right conditions? hmm..

I also wrote, in words, the theme or theory of my abstract faces. "Two parts make up every face... Do the two parts interact with eachother? Do they even acknowledge eachother?" I believe people are two-faced, everyone of us. We are deceitful creatures and we are different people in different situations. It's part of human nature, sadly.. So i ask: how many are aware of their different "parts" as I termed it and are these parts interelated to make up one whole (us) or are they seperate entities with different motives that drive us to be different people at different times? Face it we all have a side of us we conceal from others day in and day out...
And finally as the professor dismissed class I quickly jotted down, "Be sure to study!" in the bottom left corner.
Much more to come..
Much Love,
V.J. Coppola


  1. i already find ur blog
    and ur sketches is very unique for me!
    gud job :)