Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Sketch a Day, Keeps Boredom Away!

Now normally I wouldn't do two post in one day. I got a ton of shit to post and to post all of it at once wouldn't be logical. A bit at a time... I want to always have a reserve of stuff to post incase I hit a dry spell and production slows down. Additionally, if you happen to check back often (which I hope) I would like to always have something new for you to view. I'm thinking a post (two at the most) a week is enough.. but since I'm new at this thing I wanted to do two post to get started..

These two sketches I did in World Lit today.. The first. I combined quick face sketching with that classic hand drawing again. Yes, the hand is in a thought bubble and to borrow without permission the words of one of my greatest influences, Brandon Boyd, I originally titled this "Make Yourself"... but after a moment or two I decided "Draw Yourself" was a better fit. Again the idea that nothing exist and that we simply create existance through our sensations and preception is a theme in this sketch; being the figure is thinking of his own creation as a drawing. Think about yourself, or the lack of yourself. Who are you? What are you doing here? Are you here? What is "here"? Does "here" exist? Baffled yet? Good! Just enjoy the second sketch and rest asured that it is merely an abstract face drawn out of practice simply for pleasure... and remember: "A Sketch a day, keeps boredom away!" Enjoy and check back soon!

Much Love,

V.J. Coppola

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  1. I love your sketches they're really good. and your little saying is stuck in my head now lol "a sketch a day keeps the boredom away" catchy i cant wait till you post a story i cant even imagine what your crazy mind will come up with =)